The Heritage Centre, located in the heart of the townsite at 117 Waterton Avenue, is an information centre,  a small museum and bookstore. Here visitors can learn more about the park and some of its most interesting aspects, talk to a knowledgeable staffer, view our displays,  and buy park-related books, both historical and current, maps and printed guides and  a small selection of gifts.

The Heritage Centre, once the townsite’s fire hall, has a bit of history in its own right. Built in 1952, it served as a two-bay facility until 1979. It was saved from demolition when, on June 27, 1986, it became our retail and museum facility. It is owned by the Government of Canada which, in turn, leases it to the WNHA.

On permanent display at the Centre is a 6 x 12 foot oil-on-canvas mural, painted by the late renown Southern Alberta artist Donald Frache.  The mural depicts the arrival of pioneers John George “Kootenai” Brown and his wife to Waterton.
photos: Dennis Burton & Craig Parkinson